How we do what we do


Most of our designed software is developped using the CakePHP framework.

jQuery & ExtJS

Various modern javascript libraries are used in Javacsript developments, we are able to use these libraries


While a lot of projects use the same techniques, most of our work is making a custom solution which works for you

About Us

A passion for creating simple solutions for your challenge

Lost in the IT landscape? Looking for a solution that works for you?

Over the years, Normit has developed itself as a creative problem solver, trying to find solutions for the problems and challenges of its various clients. At the start it was about bringing a client to the world wide web by creating a simple website, but in the last years its focus is on creating custom management solutions for websites and servers, enabling the client to do their work effectively. We are passionate about helping you to create custom solutions for your digital challenge, as consultant or developer.